We Are Mathematicians

In our classroom, we are learning to use Academic Language to articulate our Mathematical thinking. We play mental Math games to build on fluency and solve open-ended word problems to develop a deep number sense and clear, conceptual UNDERSTANDING of VALUES and OPERATIONS.

ES Assembly #1

LET'S GO BEARCATS... LET'S GO! Cheers to the fun we had in the first Elementary School Assembly. Mr. Campbell and Mrs. Juteau kicked it off reading What Do You Do With An Idea by Kobi Yamada. We were introduced to the mysterious CABINET OF CURIOSITY. Then, to everyone's surprise, the BEARCAT came to welcome everyone to the new school year.

Cabinet of Curiosity

The ZONES of Regulation

A part of understanding how we fit into our class and school communities is learning how to notice and name our feeling and regulate our responses to different circumstances throughout our day. The ZONES of Regulation is a powerful toll to help us do just that.

Here is information on how this tool can be used successfully: ZONES of Regulation

Special Guest #1

There is NO ONE in the world more special than a GRANDPARENT... How lucky were we to have had our first grandparent visit so early on in the year. "Mimi" so very sweetly read VERDI by Janell Cannon. Naturally we were all riveted by her gentle tone and awesome story telling.

Tuning In - Connections to the Environment

As we lunched our first Unit of Inquiry,  Connections to Our Environment, students TUNED IN to characteristics of living things. We asked ourselves: How do we know that something is ALIVE? Our class took a few NATURE WALKS around campus to find answers to this question. We also began to build our identity as researchers by using our SENSES to gather information. In the end we determined 6 traits that make living things... Living things FEED, BREATHE, GROW, MOVE, SENSE, & REPRODUCE.


What a fantastic start to the new school year... We have been quite busy building a nurturing class culture and understanding what it mens to be SAFE, RESPECTFUL, & RESPONSIBLE. We have co-created a number of agreements to ensure that each member of our class community has the tools and strategies to be successful in Grade 2.